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Aug 11, 2009 11:00pm EDT
hall meetings of his own this week in colorado and montana. the tickets will be available to the general public. so the president may see some angry outbursts in the crowd himself. if you want to sound off about the health care reform plans being debated right now go to and tell us what you think. >>> have you heard about the 8- year-old miami girl who got the white house ticked off? she is on a poster that appears at metro station and on that poster jasmine says president obama's daughters get healthy school lunches, why don't i? now, these posters are the work of a nonprofit p groucalled committee for responsible med. the white house wants the posters taken down. they say they do not want the president's daughters used that way. the group says for now the posters will stay. >>> the american dream turned into a nightmare for dozens of illegal immigrants, some of them as young as 17. authorities say they were forced to work as prostitutes at three long island bars and some were actually sex slaves. most of the women came from central america lured to new york. on
Aug 12, 2009 11:00pm EDT
spirited. president obama will hold two more of those town halls this week in colorado and montana. >> as we have been seeing over the last few days a lot of misinformation out there. several different versions of the reform bill are out there and not all the bills contain the same provisions. tonight we break some of it down for you. >> i guarantee you i will be one of them that will be thrown away. >> reporter: frustration was evident among democratic lawmakers holding the session. >> people putting out information that is totally false. >> reporter: separating fact from fix isn't easy. four different versions have been approved by congressional committees. we searched for answers on three drafts available. on abortion. >> what is the position on tax funded abortions which will increase the death of preborn infants by 30%. >> would the government pay for abortion? that is unclear. two of the bills don't address that question at all. one version requires that one health plan in each region cover the procedure. on illegal immigrants. >> illegal aliens will not be in this bill at th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2